Creative Directors
Martin Lambie-Nairn & Jason Keeley
Celia Chapman
CG and Post Production

To celebrate Zee’s 25 years of unparalleled history at the forefront of Indian Television and to prepare the broadcaster for an exciting, diverse, multi-platform future, the company looked to ML-N to develop an identity to elevate the brand and all its businesses. This new identity would aim to project Zee as an extraordinary international entertainment network.

Coffee&TV were commissioned by ML-N to produce and deliver a set of new idents and on-air creative for the Indian broadcaster. Jason Keeley designed and directed the project, working closely with the Coffee&TV team led by Phil Hurrell, Animation Director and Co-Founder. The Zee logo provided inspiration for the circular motifs which transforms ordinary into ‘the extraordinary’ in the idents. The compelling CG imagery was crafted to appear realistic rather than graphic, depicting bright and stunning scenes celebrating popular culture associated with the channel network; for example, Diwali is represented by a sea of illuminated candles floating on water. The gold bangle, candles and amaryllis flower were modelled and textured by Coffee&TV’s 3D team and comped by the motion graphics department.

Martin Lambie-Nairn, Founder ML-N said: “Coffee and TV are always our first port of call, they don’t just supply facilities, they become our partners. ZEE required a singular combination of technical and aesthetic skill which Coffee & TV ably brought to the party. They provide inspirational solutions combined with efficient and effective working practices.”