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Coronavirus: Coffee & TV Offers Remote Working Solutions

I’m sure like us, you’re becoming increasingly concerned about how Coronavirus will potentially impact our lives and work during the coming weeks. We would like to reassure you that we are still be able to provide a nearly normal service.

We have set up robust remote working systems for all of our permanent and essential freelance staff. They can access the full range of company infrastructure in a safe, secure and speedy manner.

We have a full workflow pipeline in place, all the way from drive ingest through to VFX, CG, render and playout.

We know that in our industry, collaboration is key. Though you may not be able to attend a session in person, we are able to remotely supply you all content for review and where need be enable you to share a virtual space with our artists via Flexview (from Sohonet), allowing you to be in a virtual Flame or colour grading suite in real-time.

Constant communication and interaction are also very important in the collaborative creative process of filmmaking, so to continue to enable this, we are connect via Skype, Zoom and Hangouts.

We appreciate that every production is different and we can create bespoke solutions based on your needs. Our teams are on hand to talk through all options with you.

We wish you good health and see you soon.