Sky 1
Production Company
Offspring Films
TV Producer
Alex Williamson
Coffee & TV
Creative Director
Simon Clarke

From wildcat to kittycat, a stunning two-part Sky 1 documentary delves into an astounding story of evolution. Biologist Patrick Aryee goes back 11 million years to reveal the surprising history of our furry feline friends.  In this captivating two-parter, Patrick explores how they have evolved throughout the millennia.

Coffee & TV stepped in to create what the camera couldn’t capture in this investigation into cat lineage, presenting different species of cats in one location. Cameras come within a whisker of a variety of cats to capture spectacular footage of the creatures in their natural habitats.

“Coffee & TV far exceeded even our most ambitious CGI expectations on our latest landmark natural history series.  We are delighted with the spectacular imagery, carefully choreographed sequences and the brilliantly collaborative way the team worked with us to get them. The attention to detail has been phenomenal.” Alex Williamson, Producer at Offspring Films