Who we are

Coffee & TV is an independent, visual content studio, specialising in creative VFX, animation, design and colour grading.

We were established in 2012, when our founding partners decided to break free of industry institutions and follow their vision to create a totally independent, artist led studio. Since then we have achieved substantial growth and built an extensive portfolio of high-end, award-winning work. We’ve also been joined by exceptional group of like-minded individuals, who all share a passion for creativity, a desire to elevate our craft and a drive to create the very best work.

Both our studio and our family have significantly grown in size but our fierce independence and founding philosophies remain intact. Our highly interactive, fast moving and collaborative culture is behind our ability to produce exceptional work, for projects of any scale and for any screen.


Coffee & TV has taken some time to think, time to talk and time to formulate how we can evolve our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Coffee & TV pledges to:

1. Be an active creator of an inclusive and diverse working environment with no room for hate or intolerance.
2. To transform our outreach, recruitment and progression practices.
3. Reach out across our industry and beyond to foster partnerships in order to advance equality, diversity and inclusion.

We know we don’t have all the answers and acknowledge that there is a lot of work to be done.

We recognise the issues are varied and complex and that we must continue to learn and develop and continually review our efforts and achievements.

We promise to hold ourselves accountable and to work collaboratively with others, to action and accelerate meaningful change in our company, our industry and beyond.

Coffee & TV deliver exceptional quality and professionalism on every project, big or small…The team’s effort and enthusiasm is endless. Our producers love working with Coffee & TV!”

  • Matt Craigie Atherton
  • Chief Production Officer
  • Mother

We’ve been working with Coffee & TV since before they were Coffee & TV. The same team has done all our work for many years. Everything we’ve given them has been completed to an excellent standard. Usually even better than we anticipated. Their own standards are very high and I’ve never known them slip below them. Nothing is too much trouble for them. They’re a pleasure to work with.”

  • Dave Trott
  • Creative Director, Copywriter, and Author
  • Advertising Guru

Whilst I have been doing screen stuff for a long time I cannot claim to have worked with every facility company in London. However, I doubt that few come close to delivering the Coffee & TV experience. These people are my first port of call for every screen-based project, for the simple reason that they wrap me up in amazing skills; from project management to eye wateringly complicated technical gubbins driven by people who are able to explain solutions in short sentences. For people like me, who know what they want, but have no idea how to get it from vision to reality, it sure helps to be in the company of people who do. The white wine is not bad either."

  • Martin Lambie-Nairn
  • British Designer and Creative Director
  • ML-N

We continue to work with Coffee & TV because they never fail to go above and beyond on every project. The team’s attention to detail is perfect so we can rely on them to deliver the best. Coffee & TV is also made up of outstanding talent and they’re always willing to do anything no matter how difficult.”

  • Simon Corkin
  • Senior Creative
  • Sky Creative

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